Mobile SDK developer

Mobile SDK developer

Build enterprise-grade SDK for our feature-rich chat platform, imported into professional apps. You’ll be part of a small agile team working on both iOS/Android, where everyone has an equal voice.

We fight against lousy customer experience on the global enterprise level by create cloud console for processing all customer requests the fastest and most effective way. The focus on performance, quality and stability is our daily bread. 

Our next stop is the development of a mobile SDK for our Chat. Live chat is already written for web and our clients want to implement it to their own native mobile applications. We are developing it for both platforms, Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. We need you as developer who knows one of the mentioned languages, or both, with strong application development background.

We cooperate with US company on development of our SDK just a few months. So, we already started, but your knowledge will have a huge impact on what the future product will look like. The team will be small, 1 max 2 people for each platform and  (in our wet dream) one leader for both platforms,  at the start you will cooperate with the US team. All focused to agile and sustainable development. 

Technologies and practices:
  • Mobile – Swift (13+) or Kotlin (23+) or both if you can! 🙂
  • Builds – Android Gradle, iOS –  Swift build system, Swift Package Manager
  • WebSockets for communication with backend (AWS lambda)
  • Tools – GitHub, PostMan
  • AWS Pinpoint for push notifications
  • CI in Github with codestyle checks and tests 
  • DDD, SOLID, agile – 1 week sprints, no bureaucracy

Who you will work with?

Líbí se mi, že rozvíjím zajímavý produktu co má smysl a co má světový přesah. A hlavně, že to
dělám se skvělou bandou s kterou rád trávím volný čas. Třeba jako na dovolené na Bali.

— Honza, Architekt

Každý tu má svůj hlas a lidi jsou zvyklý být součástí i větších firemních rozhodnutí. Taky spolupracujeme s týmy po celém světě, což mi umožňuje si procvičit angličtinu.

— Jenda, Engineering Manager